Brandon and Rachel Cutrer – Boling, Texas

Brandon and Rachel Cutrer

Brandon and Rachel Cutrer laid the foundation for BRC Ranch in Boling, Texas, in 2011, building their business from the ground up with little more than a dream fueled by relentless dedication and hard work. Rachel, a seventh-generation rancher, brings a rich legacy to her role, while Brandon, armed with a degree in Agricultural Economics from Mississippi State University, began his journey in the cattle industry, brimming with potential.

The pair were married in 2010, about a year after meeting at the All-American Brahman Junior Nationals and then shortly later becoming engaged at the Houston Livestock Show. The proposal was made right after one of their Brahman cows was named to the Register of Renown, a prestigious recognition of the cattle’s genetic merit. 

The couple has partnered together in all aspects of life, utilizing their respective talents and skills, to start up and operate what is, today, a premier cow/calf and seedstock business that runs about 350 head of Brahman cattle. They have quickly grown deep roots in the business and established influence around the globe. The BRC Brahman bloodline spans across six continents and more than 40 countries. In 2022, they were chosen as the Beef Improvement Federation Seedstock Producer of the Year, an honor bestowed from among all cattle breeds.

Brandon Cuter

In addition to the ranch work, the husband-wife team also sell beef directly to consumers under their “Brahman Country Beef”  label which is sold at The Ranch Downtown, their farm-to-table store in Wharton, Texas. Here they also sell Sweet Annie’s Honey, produced on the ranch, as well as BRC Ranch Roast Coffee. The Cutrers have two school-age daughters, Mollie and Annie who help with various duties here including handling the cash register, stocking, and other retail tasks.

Through these various business entities, the Cutrers have blazed a new trail for the younger generation in agriculture and rural business.

Brandon Cutrer and Brahman cattle

Despite all the success, there have been challenges. When asked about difficulties, Brandon agrees, like most ranchers, that weather issues — droughts, hurricanes, freezes and the like — are some of the fiercest obstacles in ranching. 

“But, also challenging at times are the various financial aspects of ranching,” explains Brandon. “There are land payments, feed, equipment, and other essential fixed and variable outputs. There is always something. Rachel and I started our operation from scratch, as a young couple, without inheriting any land or cattle. So, being able to successfully manage the financial aspects of ranching and grow from zero acres, when we were first married, to now over 600 acres, does feel rewarding.”

This ranching couple also shares that there are many other feel-good aspects of doing what they do. For example, working in the retail store and offering the community a quality protein choice, helping customers choose the beef cuts that work best for their needs, and in the process, building a satisfied customer base that comes back again and again. 

Brandon and Rachel Cutrer and Family

“We also like to compete in various Brahman cattle championships,” Brandon elaborates. “Over the last five years, we have been blessed to win numerous national championships that have helped further our ranch and the breed. Our daughter is also thriving in this arena, recently winning a large scholarship from the San Antonio Livestock Show.” 

While growing the business, many interesting, unique, and varied situations have arisen. From the questions that have been asked by potential customers or the curious while selling their beef at farmer’s markets to hosting international dignitaries and political leaders on their ranch.

“Most recently we have sold genetics to the President of Botswana and a former Governor of Mexico,” Brandon furthers.

When it comes to putting beef on the family table, Rachel shares that Ribeye, Filet, and Ground Beef are the cuts they eat most frequently.  They typically like steaks done on the backyard pellet grill but, similar to most growing families, the versatility and convenience of ground beef has been a cornerstone of family meals. One of their favorite recipes is Lone Star Chili

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