Beef Recipes for National Taco Day

By: Jennifer Fisher,


Let’s talk about tacos! Like most Texans, I’ve always been a taco-lover, so when this unassuming Mexican food mainstay started trending like crazy a few years ago, I started feeling territorial and was like — “Hey, I loved them first.” But, then I realized that more taco love and more time in the limelight is beneficial for us all —  now there’s a taco stand and or truck on nearly every street corner offering all the old-school favorites along with some amazing gourmet options.

Whether you like a crunchy shell taco or prefer to roll up fillings in tortillas (or even low-carb it with lettuce), Sunday, October 4th is National Taco Day and time to show your gratitude for this gooder-than-great gringo-fied grub. What better way to show thanks than whipping up a bag batch to feed hungry family and friends. Tacos just may be the perfect food as they round up all of the food groups — protein, veggies, dairy, whole grains and healthy fats — into one hand-held vessel to go.

I’m sharing a gloriously gourmet but super simple recipe today forSteak Pomegranate Tacos with Blue Cheese and Kale Jalapeno Sauce — you can grill the steaks up special or use leftovers from a previous dinner. Seeing fresh pomegranates recently pop up at the market and my love for the perfect match up of beef and blue cheese inspired me to make these sweet, savory and pleasingly pungent tacos!  Get the recipe at the bottom of the post.


Beef is such a versatile option for tacos. Use any cut of leftover cooked steak for easy weeknight dinners (try strip, sirloin or flat iron) or fire up weekend grilling action with something more traditional like a marinated skirt steak. The slow cooker also works wonders to turn out chuck and other roasts so tender they shred up in seconds for the perfect taco stuffing. And, you can’t go wrong with a ground beef-based taco that can be skillet made in minutes while your carnivorous crew hovers in the kitchen.

In addition to my recipe for Steak Pomegranate Tacos with Blue Cheese and Kale Jalapeno Sauce, I’ve rounded up Six Mouthwatering & Meaty Beef Tacos to help you celebrate National Taco Day (and every day)!


Mini Steak Tacos with Pico de Gallo

Asian Street Tacos

Beer Braised Spicy Beef Tacos

Buffalo Style Beef Taco

Beef Skillet Breakfast Tacos

Beer Braised Spicy Beef Tacos

And (shameless plug), I also can’t resist sharing the taco recipe I took to the Taco Takedown at SXSW this year Brisket Tacos with Spicy Watermelon BBQ Sauce. If you can’t find a watermelon this time of year, swap in another fruit juice.

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