A Bold Beef Experience – Cocoa-Rubbed Mole Negro Skirt Steak



If you’re plugged in to the Texas food scene, especially surrounding beef, chances are you recognize the name Jess Pryles. And if you don’t know who she is, you probably will soon. She’s a cook, writer and TV personality that specializes in red meat, BBQ and bourbon (pretty awesome job, right?). She has recently been featured on The Today Show and BuzzFeed, and even graced the June cover of Go Texan magazine.


Jess Pryles, photo from jesspryles.com

On top of that, she’s a self-described “Hardcore Carnivore” with an interesting story to tell. Jess was once a regular consumer who enjoyed the occasional steak at home. But she, like most of us, became frustrated at her own lack of meat knowledge. She wanted to know more about the different cuts available and how to cook them, and boy did she learn.

Jess decided to spend a few years educating herself on meats, particularly beef. Now she shares her expert opinion with many, including us. She’s a full-fledged Beef Loving Texan, and has created an exciting skirt steak recipe for us that is sure to heat up your next backyard grill-out.

Our new Cocoa-Rubbed Mole Negro Skirt Steak is a bold beef experience that overcomes any existing notions about the skirt cut. Even though it’s cheap, it’s flexible and tastes great. Who would argue with having more jingle in their pocket? What makes this recipe unique is pairing beef with a rich coffee flavor. Most of us would never think to put these together, but for Jess it was a no-brainer.

“Pairing beef with coffee is very fashionable at the moment. I used similar ingredients as you would discover in a mole and came up with this rub that packs a ton of flavor!”

– Jess Pryles

So that being said, fire up the grill and give this recipe a try this weekend!

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