5 Best Beef and Beer Pairings for your Backyard Cookout

Here in Texas, we take our beef and our beer very seriously. Enjoying a cold one while throwing steaks or burgers on the grill is part of the backyard cookout experience for many. And nothing says Texas pride like eating a perfectly cooked steak while enjoying a refreshing local Texas beer during the hot summer months. 

While we all know that a mouthwatering burger and a beer go great together, why not take it to the next level by choosing a beer with flavors that perfectly complement our beef recipe? We’ve curated the perfect list of recipes and tips that will help you choose the right beer for the flavors in some of your favorite beef dishes.

Pairing beer and food comes down to preference based on three characteristics: complementing, contrasting and cutting. Once you learn how the taste profiles of beef and beer work together, you’ll be making these pairings all summer long!

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Beef sausage is a bundle of spices and flavors. Paprika and red pepper give it a kick, so the beer pairing needs to highlight spiciness without stealing the spotlight. Amber ale has a distinct caramel-flavor with a light blend of hops. The bitterness cuts right through any richness and brings out the flavor of your sausage! Amber ale is also characteristically great with grilled meats or vegetables.

Brisket Chili Sausage Dog

Looking for the perfect pair? Try a spicy and beefy chili sausage dog with your favorite Texas amber ale beer.



What’s better than a burger covered with beer cheese? A light, crisp German lager complements the sharp cheddar, Swiss cheese and caramelized onions in the recipe.

Texas Beer Cheese Burger

The perfect pairing for a beef and beer loving Texan.



Tex Mex Street Tacos

The light and refreshing qualities of a Pilsner make it a classic pairing with Tex Mex tacos. This lightness and carbonation of this beer along with its hops and floral notes make it a nice pairing with spicy dishes.

Fire up the grill and try this classic beef and beer pairing.



IPA, or Indian Pale Ale, pairs really well with an assortment of foods. It has just the right amount of hops and malted barley to create a bitter sweetness. This really sharp beer also cuts any richness in food and brings your taste buds back to the brisket, which is a main attraction here in Texas! 

The bitterness and hoppiness of this beer also helps cool off a spicy recipe such as Beer-Braised Spicy Beef Tacos.

Smoked Brisket

Nothing says ‘Texas’ like a Smoked Brisket paired with a local beer.



The richness with dry-roasted bitterness of a stout is the perfect match for a bold and beefy steak such as a Ribeye. This beer also tastes great with a chocolate dessert or even a Glazed Burnt End Chocolate Chip Cookie if you want to take your taste buds on a fun adventure.

Ribeye Steaks with Blue Cheese Butter and Blue Cheese

Pair a stout with this blue cheese butter topped Ribeye steak recipe to strike the perfect balance between richness and bitterness.

What are your favorite beef and beer pairings? Tell us in the comments below.

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