Top Healthier Austin Food Trucks

It’s no secret that Austin is home to some of the best food trucks in the country. From mouth-watering BBQ to extravagant desserts, the capital of Texas holds hundreds of trucking good meals to satisfy just about every kind of taste bud.

Which is why, for the past month, the BEEF Loving Texans have been on a quest to find the best food trucks in Austin — with a healthier spin. The judging criteria? Seriously delicious food with healthier alternatives or sides available to help fuel cyclists at this year’s Austin Tour de Cure race (more details on that below).

As food truck enthusiasts, we were totally up for this tasty challenge. In fact, we were downright thrilled at the opportunity to travel around Austin and try some of the city’s best beef. Who wouldn’t be? So, after much deliberation and delicious meal consumption, we narrowed the field down to two worthy contenders: Rosarito and Load a Bowl, both of whom serve up serious deliciousness to hungry Austinites on a daily basis, and, both of whom we are going to highlight in this blog.

Food Truck 1

Food Truck 2

First up: Rosarito. Inspired by Asian and Baja Californian gastronomy, Rosarito blends the flavors of two unique regions into their cuisine, creating a culinary experience not found at many other local food trucks. They also offer authentic Mexican Street Food,antojitos, which is what we tried during our visit. We opted for the tacos de bistec on corn tortillas, containing fresh chopped sirloin and onions with guajillo sauce and lime. The great thing about Rosarito is how easy it is to make your plate healthier, with protein-friendly black beans and avocados available as sides. We consider this a win-win in our book, especially when looking for food to serve hungry cyclists!


Tacos de Bistec on corn tortillas from Rosarito

Next: Load a Bowl. Load a Bowl got its start in 2009 after winning the Food Truck Face Off competition on Food Network (no big deal!) and has been serving up globally inspired dishes with fresh ingredients ever since. While it was difficult not to order their entire menu upon arriving, we immediately gravitated toward their best-selling Gangnam Style Bowl containing leaf lettuce and marinated Korean Beef Bulgogi with sticky rice, pears, cucumber and kimchi. It’s not difficult to understand why this bowl is a best-seller— it’s seriously DELICIOUS and the ingredients are completely fresh and satisfying.


Bowl 2

Being the explorative beef lovers that we are, we also ordered the equally-delicious El Chronito Bowl with lettuce, Mexican Marinated Ribeye, black beans, pico, avocado cremè and queso fresco. This flavor combination was a game-changer, and we loved the healthy additions of black beans and lettuce.

Eager to try these foods? You can! We’re excited to announce that Texas Beef Council will be partnering with the American Diabetes Association to bring BOTH of these food trucks to the Austin Tour de Cure on September 12th and 13th. Be sure and stop by our booth and refuel with some tasty local eats!


When: 9/17-18 2016
Where: Dripping Springs Ranch Park
Address : 1042 Event Center Drive, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

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