Jake and Caitlin Richards – Stamford, Texas

October 2019

Jake and Caitlin Richards

Jake and Caitlin Richard are from Stamford, a small agricultural community in north-central Texas, about 40 miles up the road from Abilene.  Here, the couple are raising an adorable young son, named Graham, all while tending to about 7,000 acres that includes a cow-calf operation with about 110 cows on 1,000 of the acres, and a farm producing cotton, wheat and sesame, on the remainder of land.

Caitlin mentions, “we are mainly a farming operation but have land that is better used for grazing cattle. So, we have diversified our operation by adding cows.” It’s a constantly evolving process and she mentions that they are always, “learning new ways of management and incorporating best practices for the land and cattle. We are proud to be a part of raising beef and sharing it with our son.”

Jake mentions that the hardest aspect of ranch life is, “… having enough time to care for the cattle and spend time with family. We usually make it a family affair because of those constraints on our time.” So, while Jake mainly cares for the cattle and does the majority of hands on ranch work, Caitlin brings lunch out on days cattle are worked or makes breakfast to fuel early morning labor. Graham enjoys going to check and feed the cows with his dad. “It is a really fun treat when all three of us can take the time to check and feed cattle together,” adds Caitlin.

While Jake is a third-generation rancher, Caitlin is newer to the business. A funny story they like to share about one of Caitlin’s first tastes of ranch life harks back to their college days. Jake was at home for Christmas break and casually mentioned to his then-girlfriend that his family had a calf in their sunroom and were bottle-feeding it to keep it warm and out of the snow. “What?!” Today, Caitlin wouldn’t hesitate (or at least for long) to do the same if one of their calves was struggling or needed extra TLC.

As far as the Texas Beef Team goes, Jake and Caitlin haven’t yet run into a member yet, but emphasize, “We’re thankful you are choosing beef to fuel your body! Keep it up!”

Fun Fact: Jake enjoys listening to podcasts and audio books, except not on a car commute – instead while driving a tractor.

Education: Jake is an Agriculture Systems major from Texas A&M University, with lots of on-the-job learning as kid while working cows with his dad and grandpa. He’s also learned a lot from other local ranchers.

Hours Worked: We work however many hours it takes to get things done and get ready for the next day.

Ranch Life Rewards: One of the most amazing aspects of ranching is being a part of bringing new life into the world through caring for the mama cows. It makes us so happy to see the young, carefree calves running around the pasture.

Active Hobbies: Jake enjoys working out and boxing, coaching a local youth basketball team, and being a guide for dove hunters.

Favorite Beef Cut: Tenderloin

Favorite Recipe:  Just the tenderloin with Perini Ranch steak rub.

Favorite Cooking Method: Pellet grill or Green Egg

Favorite Burger Joint: Rodeo Goat in Fort Worth, Texas