Kelley Sullivan Georgiades – Crockett, Texas

May 2021

Kelley Sullivan Georgiades – Santa Rosa Ranch

Kelley Sullivan Georgiades is a 4th generation rancher, born and bred in a family that dates their involvement in the cattle industry back more than 100 years.  Today, along with her father Gerald Sullivan, she owns Santa Rosa Ranch, a large ranching operation that cumulatively spans over 15,000 acres in Crockett and Navasota, Texas. Founded in 2003, Santa Rosa Ranch is the largest registered producer of Brangus and Ultrablack cattle in the United States, breeds that are known for their ability to thrive in hot temperatures and drought conditions.  

Not only is Kelley a professional in the beef industry, she’s a consumer who vouches for the importance of quality protein in a daily diet. In 2015, she lost a large amount of weight and attributes the success to a focus on optimal protein timing and intake – beef and fish were her top choices. “I was able to achieve a healthy lifestyle with decreased cholesterol counts (no medication), reduced blood pressure and a perfectly healthy heart, all verified through medical testing,” she elaborates. “I’m proud to produce a nutrient-dense form of protein for a hungry world.” 

Over her career, Kelley has traveled, on behalf of Texas Beef Council, to some of our nation’s largest beef export markets of Japan, South Korea and China. Seeing how other countries utilize our product is impactful and definitely memorable.

Kelley has also testified in front of the U.S. Congress on three separate occasions from 2017 to 2019 regarding the state of the beef industry and current international trade agreements. “One of the biggest rewards of the business is when that one person changes his/her mind and learns a little more of what beef producers do every single day and the pride we take in producing a safe, nutritious, quality product for the world,” Kelley says. 

 Kelley currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Texas Beef Council representing Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. And, along with her husband George, owns a separate commercial cow/calf and equine operation, NLH Ranches, in Millican, Texas. George has been involved in the equine industry and been an avid polo player for more than three decades.  

Education: Texas A&M University and TCU Ranch Management Program; participant in the TALL Program (Texas Agriculture Lifetime Leadership)

Hours Worked Per Week: I work 60+ hours and operate the ranch with the General Manager Kent Smith and the most capable group of professionals in the business.

Quote: “Everything you need to know about life, you can learn in a pasture.”

Favorite Cuts of Beef: I prefer lean cuts like New York Strip or filet.

Favorite Beef Recipe: My husband George is a Grillmaster. His steaks are simply seasoned and perfectly medium-rare!

Favorite Place to Get a Burger: The Spot on Galveston Island!

Active Hobbies: I stay busy being Aunt Kelley to 14 amazing nieces and nephews.