Month: January 2018

Instant Pot Beef Meatballs

Preparing homemade meatballs that have been simmering all afternoon in a spicy, robust sauce — ain’t nobody got time for that!  Or, so I thought, recollecting back to the hours my grandmother would spend in the kitchen making our favorite Sunday meal. But, thanks to the latest appliance craze, multi-cookers like the Instant Pot®, I…

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Taco Night Recipes


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hether you lean towards steak, street style or classic crispy shells, it’s no secret that Texans like our tacos. We don’t wait ’till “Taco Tuesday” for a reason to enjoy them. That’s why Taco Night is a way of life for Texans! Try some of our favorite taco recipes below we know your family will…

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Instant Pot® Recipes & Tips

You got an Instant Pot® for the holidays—now what? With the ability to slow cook AND pressure cook nearly any food imaginable, it’s no surprise these nifty kitchen gadgets have fascinated people. But if you don’t know what an Instant Pot® is, you aren’t alone either! Even if you were gifted an Instant Pot®, that…

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