Fueling An Athlete’s Day

The Fueling an Athlete’s Day Section is designed to provide you and your athletes with knowledge on how all of the food groups help fuel training, performance and recovery. It will help athletes understand how to adequately fuel their whole day, not just pre-, during- and post-exercise.


First, show your athletes the short video titled Macronutrients Basics.

  • This will break down each food group and explain why it’s important for an athlete’s eating and training plan.

Second, provide your athletes with the individual handouts for this section. 

  • There is one handout for each food group. 
  • The goal is to provide further education on how much of each food group athletes  should be consuming based on their age and activity level, as well as easy ways to get a variety of foods into their meals and snacks.

Finally, choose a challenge to help your athletes put their knowledge into practice! 

  • They can participate as individuals, partners or as a team. This activity can be tracked on your Scorecard for the program.

Fueling an Athlete's Day Challenges

Section Videos

Downloadable Handouts

Short Posts - Fueling and Athlete's Day