The Sports Nutrition Game Plan is a premier sports nutrition program designed specifically for Texas high schools. Looking to take your game to the next level, Texas Beef Council and Sports Dietitian Amy Goodson have partnered together to create a free program that provides:

  • Educational content pieces (to be used by teams, coaches and parents)
  • Videos (all inclusive of nutrition, sports nutrition, and cooking demos)
  • Meal plans, various types of snack lists and fueling schedules
  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Short sports nutrition tips for coaches to send to athletes
  • Team challenges

Each component of the program is crafted to educate athletes, coaches, trainers and parents on proper nutrition principles, sports nutrition and how beef plays a role in fueling training, performance and recovery.


Program Goal

  1. Provide comprehensive sports nutrition information for all Texas High School athletics on how to fuel the body optimally for everyday life, as well as for training, performance, and recovery.
  2. Position beef as an optimal high-quality protein to fuel athletes of all sports.
  3. Build performance nutrition into the culture of the sport as a key pillar for training performance and recovery.
  4. Provide coaches with an easy to use comprehensive sports nutrition program to implement with their athletes without much effort. Simple, concise, and applicable.
  5. Provide easy access to nutrition education, resources, and recipes with implementation strategies.
  6. Educate and empower parents to provide nutrition education and implement with confidence at home.

Who’s the Program for?

  • High school teams that want to elevate their game to the next level
  • Athletes that want to fuel their bodies to train, perform, and recover optimally
  • Coaches that want to educate their athletes about proper fuel and hydration
  • Athletic trainers, strength coaches, and team support staff that want a resource making sports nutrition easy, understandable, and doable for athletes
  • Parents that want science-based, applicable, easy-to-follow tips, meal/snack ideas, and guidance on how to properly fuel their young athletes


Why Join the Program?

  • To provide quality, science-based sports nutrition education, resources, meal plans and ideas, fueling schedules, and more to your athletes and parents
  • To provide your coaches, support staff, and booster clubs with the tips, tools, and resources they need to help provide quality fuel and hydration for your athletes
  • The program is written and designed by a veteran sports dietitian who has worked with high school athletes for more than 16 years and who understands the pain points of coaches when it comes to fueling young athletes
  • It’s a free resource that can truly elevate your athletes training, performance, and recovery
  • It’s so easy – The Sports Nutrition Game Plan gives you a play-by-play guide on how to seamlessly incorporate sports nutrition into your team’s culture without you having to create it


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If you are interested in bringing the Sports Nutrition Game Plan to your team, provide us with your name email below and we will get back to you with more information. We are so excited to bring this resource to Texas high schools and help you take your team’s game to the next level!

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