Sheet Pan Beef Sausage for a Breakfast Crowd

Do you feed a crowd during the holidays? I do! Even after feasting on tenderloin for Christmas Eve dinner, my own family and visiting relatives seem to wake up hungrier than ever. There are six teenage boys in the mix, explaining the sheer volume of food that vanishes! They are always drooling over my morning menu which includes several sweet pastries, muffins and baked French toast – but I also insist on balancing brunch with plenty of protein options including eggs, Greek yogurt parfaits and sausage.

My recipe for Sheet Pan Maple Beef Sausage has made preparing a big breakfast in the midst of Christmas morning chaos so much easier. In past years, I’ve been stuck in the kitchen batch cooking sausage patties, skillet after skillet, and making a big greasy mess. Tired of missing out on the fun and festivities around the tree and tired of the guys sneaking over and making dents in my protein pile before serving time, I decided to bake a huge sausage patty in the oven that could later be cut down into squares, wedges or other shapes. Compared to conventional sausage cooking methods, my sheet pan beef sausage recipe saves time, is less messy, and can’t get “taste-tested” away before the breakfast bell rings.


Oh, and it’s also homemade, made with lean beef and is deliciously good, for goodness sake! The recipe for Basic Country Beef Sausage Crumbles was the inspiration behind using beef rather than pork for breakfast. The secret is all in the spices and flavorings, rather than what kind of meat is being used! My beef sausage has a slightly spicy-sweet flavor thanks to ingredients like paprika, cayenne and real maple syrup (please don’t use the fake-flavored corn syrup variety).


Each pan makes 24 servings with each piece containing approximately 100 calories and 12 grams of protein. Cut into wedges and serve with eggs on the side. Or, cut into rounds with a biscuit cutter and serve as a “way better than the drive-thru” breakfast sandwich.


Sheet Pan Maple Beef Sausage

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