Boo-tastic Halloween Quesadillas

Finding fun, unique Halloween meal ideas is always something we (and the kiddos) look forward to every fall, and this year, Halloween Beef, Bean and Corn Quesadillas fit the bill. With several Moms on staff here at BEEF Loving Texans, we wanted to share this adorable, healthy Halloween recipe that our kids look forward to making every year.


Our favorite little super heroes, princesses and zombies need a lot of energy to keep them going all evening and beef provides the iron and protein to do just that!  Let’s be honest — they’ll be enjoying Halloween candy later, so it never hurts to make sure they have a quick and wholesome dinner on Halloween night.  So, choose your favorite Halloween cookie cutter and start making Halloween Quesadillas!


One of our favorite things about this recipe is how easy it is! As long as you’ve got a ingredients, a skillet and a few fun cookie cutters, you’re in business for a spooky and fun-filled holiday meal. Your kids will be begging for seconds!


This recipe is great for family time with kids and their friends.



Whether it’s a fun decorating party or a quick meal before or after hitting the trick-or-treat trail, Halloween Beef, Bean and Corn Quesadillas are perfect for Halloween plans!



Boo-tastic Halloween Quesadillas

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