A Week of Easy Beef & Pasta Recipes

By: Jennifer Fisher, TheFitFork.com

The busy fall season is in full swing and I’ve been looking for a week’s worth of quick and easy beef recipes that will be a hit with my always-hungry family. With three meat-loving sons and a husband who are all also pasta lovers, I was mindful to keep my eyes open for speedy supper ideas that featured a lean cut of beef along with one of the seemingly endless varieties of pasta. Other criteria to make it on my weeknight dinner menu included a 30 minute cooking time limit (I’m busy), easily reheatable or can be served cold (we often eat in shifts), reasonably healthy (I blog at TheFitFork.com for goodness sake) and, lastly, features an interesting flavor profile (no boring meals at my house).

I rounded up six delicious beef and pasta recipes from beeflovingtexans.com’s Recipe Central and used my own noodle to create Black Garlic, Beef and Bean Curry, an exotic beef pasta recipe that is not only a fast fix but has some major flavor flair. I also found out that October is National Pasta Month, so basically I’m winning on this week of dinners every which way.


Let me start this beef and pasta party with my own creation, Black Garlic, Beef and Bean Curry. This under 30 minute recipe features sirloin, one of my favorite cuts of beef. Sirloin is one of the leaner cuts of beef and can forego a tenderizing marinade – that’s a major time-saver. It’s also very versatile and can be enjoyed as a steak, in chunks on a kabob skewer, sliced atop salads or cooked with a stir-fry technique.

Black garlic is the secret ingredient in my beef creation. Black garlic is a fermented and aged head of garlic that I like to call an instant umami bomb of flavor – it’s smooshy soft, mellow but intense,  savory yet sweet and basically to die for. I’m inclined to think it was invented specifically to pair with beef! It’s packaged up in the produce section of bigger grocery stores, but if you can’t find, just swap out for minced garlic.

Another secret to this recipe is not to overcook the sirloin to the point of tough and chewy strips. It’s easy to achieve optima results by stir-frying, a dry-heat cooking method that uses a lightly oiled pan on the stove top. The trick is to cut sirloin into uniform strips and use a pretty darn high-heat, stirring continuously. I always take my beef out while it is still noticeably pink in the center because I know from experience that it will keep “self-cooking” as it cools down. This recipe also uses exotic black bean pasta, but you can use any time of long flat noodles like spaghetti or soba. Hope you enjoy!

Check out these six beef and pasta recipes from the Texas Beef Council, you’ll discover everything from classic comfort food to farmers’ market fresh recipes and dishes with an international twist.


Recipes listed from top left, moving clockwise:

Beefed Up Mac & Cheese

Sirloin with Sugar Snap Pea & Pasta

Beef Sirloin Pasta Portobello

Chuck Wagon Beef and Pasta Skillet

Easy Beef Pasta Bake

Beef and Pasta Skillet Primavera

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Black Garlic, Beef & Bean Curry

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